Kia Soul EV

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The ultimate high-energy way to roll 

"The 2018 all-electric Kia Soul EV† is as technologically advanced as it is fun to drive. It features an advanced lithium-ion polymer battery that provides an impressive EPA-estimated range of 111 miles on a full charge1 — eliminating stops for gas and the need for oil changes while producing zero emissions. It also delivers strong acceleration, thanks to a 109-hp electric motor that produces 210 lb.-ft. of torque. The battery’s flat, compact design and location beneath the floor contribute to a low center of gravity, which helps the Soul EV deliver precise and agile handling for an enjoyable drive. Like all Kia models, every Soul EV comes with an industryleading, 10-year/100,000-mile warranty program.2 All of which gives you a positively high-charged way to roll.

With Soul EV, Kia’s engineers dedicated themselves to optimizing energy efficiency1 so that you can confidently plan your travels and get where you need to go. The Soul EV has a variety of technologically advanced features to help increase driving range and help you monitor energy consumption. First, the heating* and air-conditioning system includes several available innovative technologies that minimize energy use. In addition, regenerative braking captures a portion of the vehicle’s kinetic energy, which is fed back into the battery while you’re coasting or braking, while superlow-rolling-resistance tires further contribute to efficient operation. To help keep you informed, the available UVO eco3 Infotainment System* provides key information like charging status, total driving range, energy efficiency, and the location of the nearest charging station3 — information that you can also access through a compatible smartphone4 app and on the web. Plus, UVO eco3* provides feedback on your driving habits to help you drive more efficiently."


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