Ford Focus Electric

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Performance with a conscience. 

"No gas required. No oil changes needed. No CO2 emissions. Just 100% guilt-free driving fun made even more convenient for 2017 with new standard DC fast charge capability. That’s Focus Electric.

The 2017 Focus Electric has an EPA-estimated rating of 118 city MPGe1 and an EPA-estimated driving range of 115 miles.1 With a top speed of 84 mph, its smooth acceleration will grab your attention. Press the accelerator and Focus Electric puts 100% of its available torque at your disposal. Immediate responsiveness is delivered by a single-speed transmission designed for use with the all-electric motor. And you can track your efficiency with the SmartGauge® with EcoGuide. It helps you monitor your instantaneous energy use and lets you see how it relates to your overall energy consumption.

 A new charge port (SAE J1772 Combined Charging System Standard) on the 2017 Focus Electric gives it DC fast charge capability. Focus Electric is now able to receive an 80% charge in an estimated 32 minutes when plugged into a charger capable of delivering 150 amps. So in the time it takes to meet friends for lunch, you can recharge your vehicle. Level 2 (240V) charging can be achieved at home in approximately 5.5 hours1 using a Ford recommended AeroVironment™ 240V/30-amp home charging station.2 Or, plug your Focus Electric into any 120V wall outlet and charge it overnight. No matter which option you choose, Focus Electric can let you know when it’s ready to go. An LED charge status indicator light (visible when the charge port door is open) indicates fully charged status when all 4 lights are lit and not flashing. Focus Electric also recharges as you drive thanks to our Regenerative Braking System, which captures brake energy and uses it to help charge the advanced, liquid-cooled 33.5-kWh battery and extend your range. The Brake Coach screen helps you maximize the amount of energy returned through the Regenerative Braking System. Easily monitor and schedule charging with the MyFord® Mobile app3 and website. You can also access battery charge status, lock and unlock your doors, initiate preconditioning of your vehicle cabin, and even locate your vehicle in a crowded parking lot."


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